David Feldman - Biography


Tell us a little about yourself…

I went to Belmont State School then to Geelong Technical School. I then trained as a Civil Engineer and completed two years of Industrial experience with the Country Road’s Board in Ballarat. After this I trained as a technical school teacher and took up a teaching role at Covenant College where I have taught Science, Maths, Biology and Horticulture over my 34 years at the college.

How did you first become interested in working with plants and gardens?

My father and mother were passionate backyard gardeners and this impacted on me as I grew older. I was amazed at how productive a garden plot could be, bursting forth with fresh fruit and vegetables. I used to wonder where it all came from. Plants come from such little beginnings and go on to produce such abundance and variety.  As seasons came and went, I guess I was captivated by the rhythm of the garden from season to season. My mother was able to turn the produce into so many culinary delights. My parents, neighbours and friends, books and magazines gave me insights and skills, a passion for growing things.

What do you enjoy about working with young people in the Horticulture VET course?

I like teaching VET because it is based on developing hands on skills and it promotes a satisfaction in completing meaningful tasks to a set standard. Real skills can be put in the student’s toolbox and used both now and in the future. We find enjoyment in Horticulture because plants are so responsive, fruitful and things of beauty. Whether horticulture studies leads to full time employment, part time work or something taken up again in later years it is training for life. Excuse the pun but horticulture is so down to earth and it brings pleasure and satisfaction to most people sometime in their lives.

What are some highlights within the VET Horticulture Course at Covenant College TSC?

Some highlights of our course includes tractor driving, operating small machinery, propagating new plants, managing a garden, monitoring and controlling pests and weeds, managing the health of a soil, reading weather patterns and working in an environmentally sustainable way. Our over-arching emphasis is to work safely, responsibly and respectfully, caring for each member of the work team.

By the way…

I enjoy spending time with my wife, Jill. We have had the privilege of twice travelling around Australia and we loved these experiences so much. We cannot believe how beautiful and diverse Australia is. When I get a chance I enjoy fishing, caravanning, and bushwalking, beach combing and following the AFL. My family and my church are big parts of my life. I’m an elder in my local church and enjoy serving in that role.