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A Message from our Principal

As Principal of Covenant College, I would like to encourage you to take the time to read the material provided on this website and to contact our Administration office if you have any questions.

At Covenant College we teach that faith is not an element that can be added to content, nor is it a skill that some have to assist them in life, but it is informed by belief. This belief shapes one’s view of the world and infuses all aspects of our school life and curriculum. At Covenant College we teach from a Biblical basis, from which students are:

  • challenged to learn about God and His word,
  • encouraged to understand God’s great love for them,
  • inspired to honour and serve Christ and recognise and value God’s creation; and
  • taught to appreciate their responsibility and consequently contribute effectively to the world around them.

If you are interested in enrolling your child at the College, I would urge you to request and complete an Enrolment form and mail it to our Administration at your earliest convenience.  Please be aware that some classes currently have waiting lists and others have grown to full capacity.

The enrolment procedure at Covenant College begins with the lodgement of the Enrolment form. This is followed by an interview with both the students, and you, the parents. Parents are then informed of the status of enrolment.

My prayer is that you may find the right educational setting for your child, if that is Covenant that your family will be a blessing to the College, and that Covenant College may be a blessing to your family.

Mr Joshua McEwen