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Covenant Warriors

Covenant College Sport is an ever growing program that looks to maximize opportunity and involvement for students across a broad spectrum of sports. The College competes in the GISSA (Geelong Independent Schools Sports Association), CSSN (Christian Schools Sports Network) and SSV (School Sport Victoria) affiliations, with interschool competition beginning from Grade 3 and continuing through to Year 12.

The Sport program provides pathways for high performing students to reach regional, state and national standards, but works also with students who compete at a House level to develop their understanding, enjoyment and fulfillment in movement, competition and sport.

Established in 2009, the Covenant Warriors is Covenant College’s sporting identity, and students who are selected for interschool competition compete under the banner of the Warriors.

The Warrior is symbolic of the attributes we train our students to possess in competition, practice and life.

Through the Sport program we seek to foster in our students Courage that fears none and is willing to compete against any; Resilience that perseveres through fatigue and hardship; Loyalty towards teammates and college, where those who lead, do so with integrity, and those who follow, do so with strength; Excellence stemming from pursuit of high standard and skill, and a Confidence that recognizes God as sovereign and in control each time we step on the court or field.

The Warriors logo marks the uniforms of our students, an external symbol representing the internal truth; that a warrior lies within.