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Middle School


A Process of Change

Middle school is based on catering specifically for the learning needs of adolescents as they continue to navigate primary and secondary schooling.

Our key values at Middle School level are maintaining a calm, safe, caring atmosphere - developing in students a Christ-like, resilient and integrous character and striving for excellence in attitude and work ethic.

The philosophical emphasis is on learning to take responsibility for self, for others and for the world around them as image bearers of God and underlines the uniqueness of the learner at this stage of development.

The curriculum highlights the responsibilities of Christians living and working in the community as servants of Jesus Christ. The emphasis is on learning how to learn and live; and how to help others learn and live. This involves learning in exploration, creativity and interdisciplinary instruction; by means of an integrated curriculum, cross-curriculum activities, whole Middle School theme days and weeks, and other activities such as camps, excursions, music, bands, sporting competitions, academic extension opportunities in Maths and English as well as many others.

Instructional focus is based on a variety of teaching and learning strategies. Students are involved in determining how to accomplish goals. Instructional strategies are designed to promote responsibility for one's own learning and for helping others learn. Activities for learning servanthood and Christlike-ness are integrated within the rest of the curriculum.