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Netball Academy

The Covenant College Netball Academy (CCNA) is a branch of the Covenant Warriors sport program that provides Covenant College girls from Years 3-12 with regular and structured Netball training from credentialed coaches. CCNA members are fed into Covenant Warriors Netball teams across all age groups that compete in major tournaments and weekly interschool competition throughout the year.

The CCNA is led by Head Coach Rebecca Faulmann, whose personal Netball credentials include the Geelong Cougars (Head Coach 2010-2013), Victorian U17 team (Assistant Coach 2014), Western Zone Academy (Head Coach 2014). Alongside her are fully qualified team coaches who work closely with their respective teams each week at training and in competition.

The CCNA caters for both beginners and high level players, and looks to provide each with the necessary program and opportunities to grow their talents and abilities in this sport. CCNA seeks to develop Covenant College Netball to a high level within the region and beyond.