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The Gateway To Our Community

The Lord Jesus Christ, who is King over all areas of life, is honoured in the total environment of the Kindergarten: in its program, its teaching strategies, its discipline and tone in inter-personal relationships.

Children are encouraged to have a special relationship with God and are therefore challenged to respond to Him in faith and obedience. The Christian Kindergarten, as an extension of the family, exists to help parents in their God-given task of bringing up their children to know the Lord by submitting to the authority of the Bible. Basic to the School's philosophy are two principles:

  • Parents are primarily responsible for the education of their children
  • All areas of life, including education and schooling, are directed by Biblical principles.

The Kindergarten staff therefore aim to work in harmony with children and their families with respect to each child’s education. This harmony is evident in the Christian attitudes, principles and values fostered in the Kndergarten. The Kindergarten’s educational practices and standards are guided by Biblical principles. In its positive approach to behavior management and encouraging tone, the Kindergarten’s aim is to nurture the child in the truth of God and His direction for our lives.

At Covenant College Kindergarten we value the involvement of parents and families within the program. We encourage parents to spend some time with the children during sessions and become involved in Kindergarten events.