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Junior School Program

All subjects are taught by Christian teachers who aim to provide students with a holistic education from a Biblical perspective.


The Bible curriculum has been designed to help children handle correctly the Word of Truth and so become thoroughly equipped for every good work, that as they grow and mature they may continue in the truth taught.


Language is one of God’s gifts to mankind. Language is the indispensable tool for all thought and learning. The primary purpose of the study of English in the early years is to establish firm foundational skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing – the literacy skills essential for success in all areas of learning.
A strong emphasis is placed upon phonemic awareness in Junior School. We aim to guide each individual child through the stages of language development through regular monitoring and small group guidance, so as to achieve a thorough understanding of the English language. Additional opportunities to enjoy English are given through activities such as Book week, visiting authors and Literacy Celebration Day.


God revealed His majesty in all the concepts of number, space, form and symmetry and in the laws that govern the existence and harmony of all created things.  He also established laws of order when He created the universe. Mathematics, with its concepts of number, space, form and symmetry reflects this order and glorifies God as the marvellous Creator. Discovering and using the basic principles and laws of mathematics is a God-given ability and can lead people to acknowledge Christ as Lord of Creation. Mathematics can be used as a tool in the service of God.

In alignment with the Australian Curriculum, the concepts covered within the Mathematics’ curriculum are: Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics & Probability. The Proficiency strands are the names of the actions that the students are encouraged to engage in and develop. These include: Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning. Targeting Maths and Maths Plus are the programs mainly used within the Junior School and aim to promote and develop these concepts and proficiencies by providing students with real life scenarios through which they can apply and develop their growing skills and competencies.

The Arts – Art and Music

God created people to experience, enjoy and respond to His creation. Being made in the image of God, we also have a desire and ability to be creative in various ways. Through the Arts program, children are guided into opportunities to develop their individual gifts and talents and to learn to appreciate God’s gifts in others.

humanities and Social sciences

God created a world displaying diversity in culture, history, landscape, customs and lifestyle. As Australians we experience this diversity and recognize the need to be knowledgeable and understanding of other cultures and the ways they contribute to our Australian heritage.


This subject enables students to see how we are fearfully and wonderfully made. It also provides our students with opportunity to develop understanding of the requirements for helping us to keep our bodies safe, fit and healthy. The students have a daily healthy snack time in addition to recess and lunch.

Physical Education

The prime goal of Physical Education is to develop each child’s personal and social attitude and physical potential through physical activity. Physical Education has as its focus, a responsibility for educating children in controlling their bodies for service to God and His Kingdom.


Through the study of Science, children may be led to appreciate and acknowledge God as Creator and Sustainer of the universe and to increasingly know the majesty, wisdom, love and power of God and the dependence of all things upon Him.

Digi Tech and Design Tech

In our ever advancing world, the students are guided in the 'how and why' of the safe and responsible use of technology.

Gifts and Talents Clubs

At Covenant College, we acknowledge that we are all blessed with God given gifts and talents. In addition to our specialist classes we run a Gifts and Talent’s Clubs program at which time, students in Years 1-4 participate in their chosen club for one lesson per fortnight. Clubs such as craft, dance, choir and drawing provide students with opportunities to develop their gifts and talents.