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VET programs are unique in that they offer secondary students the opportunity to study courses which have a direct workplace application, and where they can attain a nationally accredited and recognized Certificate.

VET courses are undertaken within the VCE program and as such make up the units required for attaining the VCE. Scored Assessment is now part of the VET courses which count towards the ATAR.

Students study at an external provider called a Registered Training Organisation or RTO for one afternoon a week.

If you are interested in more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

VCE Vocational Major

The VCE VM is a vocational and applied learning certificate within the VCE that will replace Intermediate and Senior VCAL certificates. It is designed to be completed over a minimum of two years.

The VCE Vocational Major has specific studies, each with four units, designed to help students clarify their future:

• VCE VM Literacy

• VCE VM Numeracy

• VCE VM Work Related Skills

• VCE VM Personal Development Skills

VCE VM students must also complete 180 nominal hours of VET at Certificate II level or above. Students may also do other VCE studies (providing the timetable allows, and approval is given by the VCE VM Coordinator following consultation) Most VCE VM students will undertake between 16-20 units over the two years.

On satisfactory completion of the VCE VM, students will receive a Victorian Certificate of Education with the additional words Vocational Major.

Victorian Pathways Certificate

The VPC is a flexible certificate at Year 11 and 12 designed to meet the needs of students who are not ready or yet able to complete the VCE or VCE VM, and will replace Foundation VCAL. Students undertaking the VPC will complete a minimum of 12 units, with four new studies:

• VPC Literacy

• VPC Numeracy

• VPC Work Related Skills

• VPC Personal Development Skills

Students can also receive structured workplace learning recognition. VPC students will receive the Victorian Pathways Certificate and a Statement of Results from the VCAA listing for all enrolled and completed units.

Please note the VPC will not necessarily be offered each year, instead, it will only be offered on a student-need basis.