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Middle School Program

Within the Middle School we aim to nurture in our students a passion for learning and an uncompromising desire to live according to God's Word.

The Middle School CORE structure allows for students to have consistency with teachers. Students will have the same teacher for AM and PM homeroom, as well for Mathematics, English, Humanities, Social Science and Bible.

This allows teachers to help understand the overall development of each child, in partnership with parents.

For specialists and elective subjects, students will have alternative teachers.

Our program is made up of the key learning areas and incorporates Electives, Specialist subjects and Bible classes.

This includes unit courses such as:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science (Environmental Science)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Perspective Elective - Disability Awareness
  • The Arts (Music, Drama)
  • Technologies (Digital, Ag Hort, Design, Food, Robotics)
  • Health and Physical Education (Orienteering, Sport)
  • Language (Vietnamese, Afrikaans, Hebrew, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Tagalog, Auslan and German)
  • Bible


Some of our programs include:

  • Students supporting the annual Senior School mission trip to our sister school in the Philippines, Covenant Christian Academy
  • Students being involved in a 50c campaign. This allows our Middle School students to sponsor students to go to school at Covenant Christian Academy.
  • Students participating in the 40 Hour Famine and other programs around the Geelong region.

extra-curricular programs

Wonder Week

This is a four day whole Middle School event where students form teams to solve challenges and work on Critical, Creative, Collaborative and Christlike ‘thinking’.

Middle School Celebration

This is an opportunity for parents to join students and teachers in celebrating the work that has been done at school throughout the year.

All Middle School classrooms are opened, where parents can walk around and explore the work that has been done in all Year levels.

Other Programs & Events

Middle School students are involved in annual camps, excursions, theme days, sports events, an instrumental music program, Maths and English extension opportunities and many other activities along the way; all designed to provide a fun, challenging and engaging atmosphere for our students to grow and thrive throughout their Middle School experience.

Camp Program

The Middle School camp programs include:

Year 5: Gilwell Scout Camp - 3 night camp

Year 6: Canberra Camp - 4 night camp

Year 7: Anglesea Surf Camp - 2 nights camp

Year 8: Pax Hill Challenge Camp - 2 night camp


Middle school students get the opportunity to also be involved in many external learning opportunities including:

Year 5: Farming Experience

Year 6: Immigration Museum and Shrine of Remembrance

Year 7: Ancient Egypt Day

Year 8: Medieval Day