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Kindergarten Program

3 Year Old Program

We run one session of three year old Kindergarten per week. Children must have turned three before commencing three year old Kindergarten.

The program is planned and delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher. Children are provided with age and developmentally appropriate learning experiences aimed to support and strengthen the development of their social skills (turn taking, developing positive friendships, conflict resolution, etc.), self regulation, independence and language and communication skills.

4 Year Old Program

The 4 year old Kindergarten program is offered over 15 hours per week, for children aged four to five years old. The Kindergarten program is planned and delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher and balances child initiated learning experiences and intentional teaching.  The program is designed to support children throughout the year as they transition from Kindergarten into Foundation. The program supports children in the development of their social skills, conflict resolution, independence, self regulation, concentration and cognitive thinking, and resilience. The program introduces children to pre-reading and writing and encourages the development of positive attitudes to learning.

Transition to School Program

At Covenant College Kindergarten we believe that the transition from Kindergarten to Foundation is a significant moment in a child’s academic journey. Therefore we strive to offer children a high quality transition to school program.

Part of our transition program is our Library program. Once a week the Kindergarten children walk across to the school with their teachers for a Library session. The children are given the opportunity to borrow a book each week to take home. The book is returned the following week so they can borrow another. At the end of the session the Librarian reads a story to the group.

Our Buddy program is also part of the transition program. Each child is paired with a grade six buddy from the school. Every fortnight, the Kindergarten children spend time with their buddy either at the school or the Kindergarten and engage in many rich and meaningful interactions.

Over the Kindergarten year, the 4 year old children have the opportunity to meet and become familiar with the Foundation teachers. In Term 4, the children, along with their early childhood teachers, attend transition sessions with the Foundation teacher and their class for the following year.

Behaviour Management

At Covenant College Kindergarten, children are supported to develop self discipline and responsibility for their own actions. They are encouraged to practice self control and respect their teachers and peers. Within boundaries and teaching, children are provided with choices and consequences.  Parents may request a copy of the Student Behaviour Policy.