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VCE Studies

VCE Subjects

The VCE is a two year or four semester course during which students are required to complete a minimum of 16 semester-length units of study. Each unit involves 100 hours of study, of which about half are provided in formal classroom situations.

To be awarded their VCE, students must satisfactorily complete at least:

3 Units of any English subject, including Units 3 and 4
3  Unit 3/4 sequences other than English.

Note: 2 of the Unit 3/4 sequences can be a VET or SbAT

A VCE course chosen by students will consist of compulsory and interest based studies. Choosing a subject from the English group is compulsory, and students must choose a minimum of five other interest based subjects. Students may choose all Humanities/Arts or all Science/Maths or a mixture of both.

Students may develop an appropriate course of study from:


(dependent on demand)


Art Making & Exhibiting


Business Management




Food Studies

General Mathematics

Health and Human Development


Legal Studies



Music Performance

Outdoor and Environmental Studies

Physical Education


Product Design and Technology


Theatre Studies

Visual Communication and Design


Year 11 Units 1 and 2 will be assessed and reported on the VCE Certificate as S or N (satisfactory or not satisfactory) based on the satisfactory completion of all work requirements as set out in the study design for each unit. Covenant will also issue its  own Year 11 reports, which give grades (A+ to E) and/or descriptive statements about the students School Assessed Coursework (SAC) and examinations.

Year 12 Units will also be assessed S or N on the basis of the satisfactory completion of all work requirements.

All students undertaking a Year 12 subject (Unit 3/4) are required to sit a mandatory General Achievement Test (GAT). The GAT is an essential part of VCE assessment procedures, and is used to check the accuracy of School Assessed Tasks, SACs and examinations.


A number of subjects may be offered by the College via Virtual School Victoria. This will enable students to expand their choices in subjects which are not offered on Campus. However, students must consult the VCE Co-ordinator when considering these. Parents must be supportive and students must be committed to Virtual School Victoria for these studies to work, as they require extra personal discipline. There is an extra cost incurred with this subject option.